Strawberry Fields

   The two founders of Strawberry Fields, Yoshihito "Dizzy" Fukui and Lezyna, first met in 1988 during the tour D'erlanger did with Justy Nasty. Shortly after that tour, Dizzy left D'erlanger. Lezyna stayed with Justy Nasty until the release of their first album, Pleasure of the Sluts. At the beginning of January 1989, Lezyna and Dizzy both wanted to start a new band. That band was Strawberry Fields and by this time Dizzy started to use his real name Yoshihito Fukui instead of the stage name he used when he was in D'erlanger. To complete the original line-up were Naoki Tuschida and Shu-Ken. After the release of the single "Lips Like Strawberry" and the mini-album "Dancerama", Naoki left the band and was replaced by Seishiro. This Naoki is not the same Naoki that was in Decameron. The band also released Charme in 1989 before going major.

   The band itself never gain the popularity that other visual kei band of that time period had. When 1993 rolled around, most of the bands of the original visual kei scene either disbanded or changed their sound to fit the newer sound. Unlike most bands that disbanded, Strawberry Fields were forced to disband by their record label due to poor record sells. On September 25, 1993, the day that Strawberry Fields disbanded, their record label released the Forever box set. That box set contains their two albums, one mini-album, a bonus disk, and a hardcover lyric booklet.

   After the disbandment of Strawberry Fields, all of the members went on to other projects. Yoshihito Fukui went on to do Vinyl in the late 90's and then retired from the music scene 2000. Lezyna hasn't been in any actual bands since the disbandment of Strawberry Fields. Lezyna played in session bands with Hisanori Oishi (aka Ralf of Justy Nasty) before Justy Nasty reunited in 2007. Seishiro mostly worked as a support musician during the 90's, the most well known band being Rouage. Shu-Ken ended up joining the band fix and later World Wide Love.


Yoshihito "Dizzy" Fukui (Vocals) - Original Member
Lezyna (Guitar) - Original Member
Shu-Ken (Drums) - Original Member
Seishiro (Bass) - Joined in 1989

Naoki Tuschida (Bass) - Left in 1989