Ladies Room

   Ladies Room is a metal act that has been around since 1987. They were originally apart of the visual kei movement in the late 80's and early 90's. During their hay day, Ladies Room were signed to Epic's & Sony's joint label, Life Size, and later to Sony's Ki-oon. But with the release of their 1995 Super Girl album, they dropped the visual look. The original disbandment for the band was in 1996 and the group ended up reuniting in 2001. The band also started up their own label, Turtle Attack Records. In 2006, Ladies Room's drummer, Jun, decided to leave the band. Even though there are only three members in Ladies Room now, they're still going strong.

   When George isn't performing with Ladies Room, he takes part in the Motely Crue cover band, MOCCOLEY CRUE.


Hyaku (Vocals) [Original stage name was Hyakutaro.] - Original Member
Nao (Guitar) - Joined in ?
George (Bass) - Original Member

A-chan (Guitar) - Left in ?
Nakano (Drums) - Left in ?
Shoji (Guitar) - Left in ?
WIND (Drums) - Left in ?
Sanpei (Guitar) - Left in ?
Jun (Drums) - Left in 2003