Jolly Pickles

   Jolly Pickles formed during 1990 in the Kanagawa region. The founding members were Akira and Evakan, knowing each other from being childhood friends. The group described their music as "PONK" or "Punk + Rock". Jolly Pickles received a boost in popularity after winning a "Battle of the Bands" contest hosted by NHK TV station. They managed to be on of the few original visual kei bands that never disbanded.

   Not even being around for a year, Jolly Pickles managed to attract more attention by performing at Luna Sea's second anniversary concert. With so much popularity for an indie band, they still weren't signed to a record label. It took until 1992 for Jolly Pickles to be signed. Sammy (Billy & The Sluts) had Jolly Pickles signed to Free-Will Records after seeing the band perform. Jolly Pickles released their first album the same year.

   In 1998, Jolly Pickles switch lables and were now signed to East West, a division of Warner Music. However, after two years being signed to East West, Jolly Pickles went back to Free-Will Records and released the maxi-single, Neo Freedom. All three songs from the maxi-single were used for various TV shows on the TV Tokyo network. Neo Freedom was also the last release by Jolly Pickles with the original line-up.

   On August 27, 2001; Akira, the vocalist of Jolly Pickles, died in an accident. Even with the tragic event, the band continued on as a trio with Evakan taking over the vocals position. A year after Akira's death, the band held a memorial concert in his honor. The only noted bands that performed were Rapes and Charisma. For the 2005 Marry Memorial Concert, they performed along side with Dynamite Tommy during the set that Color was supposed to play and dubbed themselves as "Eva Color".

   Outside of Jolly Pickles, Evakan is a well known support member. He has been a support member for both Sugizo's support band, The Spank Your Juice, and LM. C. In 2003, Evakan formed his Ozzy Osbourne tribute band, Evadeath. Like some of the older bands, Jolly Pickles does support the newer visual kei scene and even performs with some of the newer bands to help promote them.


Evakan (Vocals & Guitar) - Original Member
Itotan (Bass) - Original Member
Hiro-chan (Drums) - Original Member

Akira (Vocals) - Passed away in 2001