Decameron was a visual kei band that formed in 1988 when Naoki decided to follow in the footsteps of his younger brother and started a new band after leaving EINHEIT. He got his brother's former bandmate, Andy, to join Decameron. Kazzy, the original bassist, decided to leave Decameron in early 1989 to join Kamaitachi. They ended up replacing Kazzy with Ryollan. The band's first and only single, Omae Dakeni I LOVE YOU, first appeared on the THE END OF THE CENTURY ROCKERS EMERGENCY EXPRESS II omnibus album and then later available through Rockin' F magazine. Around the same time, they released their first album Meikyoku Album. Sometime after the release of Meikyoku Album, Ryollan left the band. And before 1992 rolled around, Andy left Decameron to join the short-lived band Lucky Bon Bon.

   Due to two of their members leaving the group, Decameron did not released anything in 1991. However, they did end up picking up two new members, Kyoichi on guitars and Masayuki on bass. Neither of the two new members had any experience in bands before joining Decameron. In 1992, they released their first mini-album, Blue Stranger. That release received mix reviews from their fans, some loved it and some hated it. Also, around the time they released the mini-album, most of the bands they had heavy affiliations with were disbanding. The sound on Blue Stranger was a lot different from Meikyoku Album since it was reflecting the current sound of the visual kei genre.

   In 1993, to follow up the Blue Stranger mini-album, they released the Dearest album. This would be the last album released on Free-Will and had a more pop visual kei sound that would be later be embraced for ballads that future visual kei bands would make. This album was also quite popular among the fans and even one fan said that if it wasn't for this Decameron album, they wouldn't know how they would have gone through their years as a teenager. In 1994, Decameron made a switch in record labels, from Free-Will to Burns Record. When they did switch labels, they added a fifth member, Ume who played both synths and rythm guitar. During their short time on Burns Record, Decameron released their second mini-album, Little Heaven. Like their last mini-album, Little Heaven got the same mix reaction from the fans. Some fans don't even think it should be considered apart of the Decameron discography and some just completely forgot about the album. Because of that, it has become one of the more hard to find releases by the band.

   After the flop of Little Heaven, Decameron switched record labels again, this time to Japan Record. In 1996, Decameron released their last album, Electric <-> Erotic No Hanran. The sound on this album was more of the mainstream visual kei sound that was popular in the late 1990's. By the time this album was released, the interest in most first wave visual kei bands wasn't there. Most of the bands of the original scene was long gone and so was most of their fans. When this album was released, the critics kept comparing them to Luna Sea, one of the few other first wave bands still around at the time. After the Electric Revolution '96 tour, the band decided to call it a day.

   However, Naoki decided to join up with his brother, Sceana of Kamaitachi and Genkaku Allergy, to form Octopus Cult. Naoki also dragged former Decameron bandmate, Take, with him. In 2006, Naoki and Take started to do T.N-MERON which is them performing Decameron songs as a session band. In 2012, the original Decameron line-up minus Take reunited for several shows. The original line-up reunited, with Take, one last time in January 2016.


Naoki (Vocals) - Original Member
TAKE-chan (Drums) - Joined in 1988
Masayuki (Bass) - Joined in 1990
Kyoichi (Guitar) - Joined in 1992
Ume (Guitar) - Joined in 1994

Machami (Drums) - Left in 1989
Kazzy (Bass) - Left in 1989
Ryollan (Bass) - Left in 1990
Andy (Guitar) - Left in 1992