Welcome To Revertive

   Welcome to Revertive, a database for early Japanese Visual Rock bands. I was inspired to start this site after I discovered Encyclopedia Idollica, a database for Japanese pop idols of the 80's and early 90's. Sometimes, I will refer to the scene as "visual kei" since that's what it's usually called by western fans. I will not add the bands Dead End or Buck-Tick to this database since they both went major before 1988. Most Japanese visual rock bands formed in 1985 and, if they were lucky enough, were signed to a major record label between 1988 to 1990. A good handful of this period probably would not be considered remotely visual due to the current trends in the Japanese visual rock scene. Most bands from this era disbanded around 1993, some lasted long than other. However, in recent years it has been becoming popular for these bands to reunite, the biggest bands being X Japan and Luna Sea.


   February 13, 2009: Added the Aura & BY-SEXUAL bios. The images galleries are now up.

   January 29, 2009: Changed the layout and added the Ladies Room & Jolly Pickles pages. The Ladies Room page is not 100% done, it only contains a brief bio and does not have join/leave dates for the members.